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Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

Friday, July 26th, 2013

There is moisture in the soil and it gets absorbed by the wood, insulation, and other items in your basement or crawl space.  Dry air is less costly in that it's easier to heat and cool.  30% of an air conditioners load is to remove humidity.  A dehumidifier's job is to remove the water from the air and by removing the water from your crawl space or basement; you reduce the chance of mold, odors, floors buckling, and etc.  Foothills Crawl Space sells a dehumidifier called the SaniDry that will wring out ten times more water moisture from the air than a household dehumidifier while using only 6.l74 amps of energy.  It not only removes the water out of the air, but it also has a two-stage filter system that keeps your air clean.  Therefore, the SaniDry dehumidifier is beneficial in keeping your air dry and clean which creates a much healthier living environment for you and your family.  Another benefit is the fact that it is efficient and will save you money on the cost of your heating and cooling bill. 

Call Foothills Crawl Space today about your basement or crawl space and get a free inspection/quote.  Depending on your needs, they can give you a quote/proposal of their solutions for your crawl space or basement.  You may only need a dehumidifier and they can sell you just that.  Call 1-828-817-5380 as you have nothing to lose but a few moments of your time and may realize that your living environment isn't nearly as healthy as it could be.  Call and schedule your appointment today.  It is a start to protecting your family and your home.


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