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Water!! Water!! Is it standing in your basement or crawl space?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

It has been the rainiest season that we've seen in years.  Bridges are being washed out, sink holes opening up, basements and crawl spaces flooded, trees falling and causing power outages.  The rain has brought with it many problems that take time to repair and some longer than others especially those flooded basements and crawl spaces. 

When you get water in crawl spaces and basements, you get mold, odors, and many times ruined insulation, not to mention the finished walls and furniture.  It is a mess to clean up and that has to be completed before you even begin to think about the repairs.  Sometimes foundation work will need to be performed, or it may be that there are crevices that need to be sealed, or an encapsulation system installed to mention a few. 

So if you are having water issues as many folks are, call Foothills Crawl Space to schedule your free inspection/quote and get your job scheduled to be repaired before more storms come your way.  They will be glad to give you their honest opinion and offer solutions they believe will work best.  It is a busy time so don't delay, go ahead and call today.  1-828-817-5380


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