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Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Mold is a fungus that breaks down animal or plant matter like wood, leaves, dirt, and food.  Mold likes warm, damp, humid areas and can grow indoors or out.  We typically see it in bathrooms, especially in the shower, and basements or crawl spaces where there is moisture.  Mold can also grow under carpet and behind wallpaper.  So what can you do to reduce the mold in your environment? There are two key elements: one is removal and the other is prevention.  The first step should be to contact a professional team like Foothills Crawl Space that will come out and use a moisture meter and infrared camera to check for leaks.  They will also test the relative humidity of the air, the moisture levels in the wood and soil.  They will look for mold and then discuss their recommendations for getting rid of the mold. Should you accept their proposal, the following are some of the steps that they would conduct.  If there are leaks or pest issues, those have to be taken care of before they can begin the process of mold remediation. Mold remediation is where they remove any visible mold and then fog the area to remove any airborne mold spores.  If the insulation is saturated, it has to be removed.  Then they will encapsulate the area, close off all vents and seal any cracks or openings, install a radon line, as well as a dehumidifier.  The key to prevention of mold is to control the moisture in the home. You can even purchase a weather station that will help you to monitor the temperature and relative humidity.  Other things that you can do is to make sure your dryer is vented outside, use exhaust fans in the kitchen when cooking and bathroom when bathing or crack open a window if you don't have fans.  Avoid using carpets in basement and bathroom areas. Periodically check your home for leaks and condensation.  

Remember that Foothills Crawl Space will be glad to answer questions; they service their work for one year, and offer an extended service agreement for purchase. Don't delay, call Foothills Crawl Space today!!  1-828-817-5380


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