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Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Sometimes it seems like a common word, "allergies" but when you see the severity and effects that allergies can cause, we take a more serious look at the things we're allergic to, try to avoid them if at all possible, and take care of our environment where we live.  Having a mold allergy may be different for each individual and range from mild to severe.  Some individuals notice more symptoms when the weather is rainy or damp, or during the winter when the indoor heat pulls air from the crawl space or basement. It is sometimes hard to know that you have a problem with mold in your home that is causing your symptoms because they are symptoms of the respiratory system and we think we just have a cold or the flu until it lingers on and doesn't clear up.  Many signs include but aren't limited to runny nose, coughing, sinus drainage, wheezing, irritated eyes or throat and chest tightness.  Mold allergies may also trigger an asthma attack.  Exposure to high levels of mold over a long period of time may cause lung hypersensitivity and lead to scar tissue in the lungs. 

All in all, this doesn't sound very good.  So how does one determine if you have mold allergies?  It's simple. you just see an allergist for either a skin or blood test to diagnose mold allergy.  If the test is positive, call in a professional team like Foothills Crawl Space to do an inspection.  They will take some moisture readings using a meter; check the relative humidity in the wood, air, and soil.  They will look for leaks, mold growth and make recommendations on how to rid your environment of this mold that you are allergic to.  It has been proven that once the mold is removed and the relative humidity maintained below 50%, people's allergy symptoms improved dramatically.  So call Foothills Crawl Space for your free consultation/estimate and begin the process of improving your health and living environment.  The number is 1-828-817-5380.



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