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Odors lurking from your crawl space or basement?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Dirt crawl spaces are areas that most of us ignore until we get odors that we can't live with, or we notice an increase in our power and water bill.  It is amazing how many people have dirt crawl spaces and call about odors, wood floors buckling, or can't seem to get well due to allergies and asthma.  Then they call a repairman and just have to trust what he tells them because they don't want to crawl under themselves.  If they did, they'd surely find mold on the insulation and rafters, possible water leaking, condensation on the AC Unit, lots of spiders, and etc.  If they call Foothills Crawl Space and have them remove the wet, moldy insulation, perform mold remediation, encapsulate the crawl space, and install a dehumidifier, then going under the house to check for anything won't be so bad because you now have a "clean" crawl space.  

So get rid of the dampness, mold, high heating and air conditioning bill by contacting Foothills Crawl Space for your free inspection/quote. Call them at 1-828-817-5380 and schedule your inspection today.

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