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Renowned actress and comedian, Pam Stone, from Campobello, SC had the typical South Carolina crawl space. Dirt-floored, vented, completely covered with mold, housing pests and other critters, and with a bad musty smell. That was until she called Foothills Crawl Space. In less than 3 days, they transformed her crawl space in a clean, dry and healthy environment. The foul smells are gone, her indoor air quality is much better and with a sealed crawl space, she is also saving some money in heating and cooling!
Pam S. of Campobelo, SC
I cannot believe my crawl space is so dry and clean! After you finished, my wife went in the crawl space for the first time in 12 years!
D. H. of Forest City, NC
Crew left cleaned up after the job. I do not have to use my inhaler as I much as I did before I had them encapsulate my crawl space.
L H. of Rutherfordton, NC
Not sure if you can take credit but before you came I had a breathing capacity of 34%.  Just returned from the doctor now up to 74% and the doors in my home close properly.
Owensby of Tryon, NC
We had moisture concerns in our crawl space. We called John to look at the problem. He solved the problem and it improved the air quality in our home. We are very pleased with his service.
E a. of Tryon, NC
Since sealing the crawl space the ambient temperature in my house went up almost 5 degrees. No more mold, mildew or cold floors anywhere.  The air quality is much better as well. I couldn't be happier.
Peter of Tryon, NC
My wife has respiratory problems. Once the moisture problems in our crawl space were fixed by John, the indoor air quality in ourhome improved so much that she no longer has to take one of the medications the she was required to take before. We can highly recommend John and his work to correct moisture and indoor air quality.
M C. of Tryon, NC
If John can solve a problem of excess moisture in a pool area, just think what can be done in a smaller crawl space
Ed of Tryon, NC
Since you fixed my crawl space, the Doctor has taken me off two respiratory drugs, my breathing is good, so is our indoor air!
V.Correll of Tryon, NC
I can recommend John and his company to address any moisture problem-- they fixed ours!
E. H. of Tryon, NC
No more cold floors! My living area is so much improved-- Thanks!
P.Saputo of Tryon, NC
My wife's breathing capacity has greatly improved since I have CleanSpace installed in my crawl space!
Dr. N. of Tryon, NC
I love this crew. My floors are warmer and my house is dry.
H. L. of Tryon, NC
We noticed water in our crawl space underneath our home and called John of Air and Moisture testing and asked him for suggestions as to how to solve the problem.  He responded the same day we called and after looking in the crawl space, he outlined the steps we needed to take to resolve the problems.  He had the problem diagnosed and fixed within three days.  We found the crew to be on time, professional and knowledgable.  I can say that I highly recommend them for any moisture related problem that anyone may face.
Ron L. of Lynn, NC
I highly recommend John and his crew to address and resolve any moisture concern!
Ronnie of Lynn, NC
John knows how to clean and dry a crawl space, I do not hesitate to go in there now!!
R. B. of Campobello, SC
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